K38 Club Marena Rentals

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Club Marena Rules and Regulation


o Restrictions: 2 per bedroom.    No over occupancy. (Max US$100 fine)

o Parking􀀠: Maximum number of vehicles = Owner Assigned Spaces. VR must park in the assigned space(s) of the unit they are renting, or in spaces  previously negotiated and communicated to CM administration􀀠 by the owner.

o Guests of VR: VR may not invite additional persons beyond occupancy limit of the unit into the complex, not to surf, use the facilities, pool or for any other purpose.

The occupancy of the property is strictly enforced. (Max US$100 fine, + eviction of non registered individuals)

o No overnight sleeping outside the residence (deck included.)

o  No wet feet or clothing in elevators or stairwells. People wearing wetsuits must bring a towel to mop up after they exit an elevator.

o Clothing, towels, wetsuits may not hang or decks, balconies or communal walls.

o  Charcoal BBQs must stay in residential courtyards and never be on the ocean facing patios. (max US$100)

o NO PETS:􀀠 VR may not bring pets to Club Marena. (US$100 fine and pets must leave.)

o Smoking on the ocean side of the Villas is only permitted on the lower deck of each Villa.

o Behavior, noise or music that interferes with neighbors is strictly prohibited. There is a 10:00 PM curfew on all music and noise that can be heard by neighbors and deemed as interfering either sleep or other activity.

Pool, Recreational areas and Common Areas

o VR may only use the South Pool complex. (Max fine US$100 for violations).

o Children under 14yrs. of age are required to wear CM issued ID in the form of a wristband, and are never allowed in the hot tub/jacuzzi.

o No wetsuits in any of the pools.

o  Pool and hot tub are closed from 􀀠10:00 PM to 7:00 AM

NO GLASS CONTAINERS or other breakable items allowed in the recreational and pool areas. Please use plastic or metal cups. (max fine US$100 fine).